PhotoNola Scholarship


Image credit: © David Rae Morris, 2016

Image credit: © David Rae Morris, 2016


Are you looking to take your photographic career to the next level?

The Frank Relle Gallery PhotoNOLA Review Scholarship is a career development opportunity offered to Louisiana residents. Applicants with financial need who seek to develop their photographic careers through portfolio reviews with leading industry professionals are encouraged to apply.

The goal of this scholarship is to engage, develop and mentor members of the photography community by providing access to the numerous opportunities available during the PhotoNOLA review process.

The scholarship recipient will receive:

  • a $525 review registration fee waiver, which includes review meetings with eight industry leaders and a ticket to the PhotoNOLA Opening Celebration and Keynote Address
  • two review prep mentoring sessions with Frank Relle, and one follow-up session within the next year; and
  • a one-year Silver membership to the New Orleans Photo Alliance.

Applicants will need to submit a portfolio of 10 images, artist statement, CV, proof of Louisiana residency, a declaration of income, and a statement of intent. There is no fee to apply.


  • Deadline: Oct 30, 2017
  • Notification: Nov 5, 2017
  • Mentoring: Dates TBD between Frank & recipient
  • Portfolio Reviews: Dec 8 & 9, 2017


  • Digital portfolio of 10 images, 72dpi jpegs at 2600 pixels on the long side.
    • Files must be named with your last name then first name and image title using an underscore to separate the names. Example: Doe_Jane_ImageTitle.jpg
  • Artist Statement
  • CV To be uploaded in PDF format
  • Statement of Intent
    • Why would you like to attend the 2017 PhotoNOLA reviews? What are your photographic career goals? How could the scholarship and review process impact your career at this time?
  • Proof of Louisiana Residency
  • Please provide a copy of a valid drivers license or residency card and one utility bill.
  • Financial Need
    • The scholarship is open to photographers who made $35,000 or less in the past year. Applicants will be asked to declare their previous year's income.

* Please note that the application form has no option to save work in progress (other than leaving your computer browser open) or to go back and edit fields once the form is submitted. It is advised that you collect all the necessary information, image files and documents ahead of time, then double check everything before you submit.

A panel comprised of members of the New Orleans Photo Alliance Board and PhotoNOLA committee, and representatives of the Frank Relle Gallery will meet to review submissions and select the recipient.


Louisiana’s culture, history and landscape provides distinctive opportunities for photographic journalists, documentarians and fine artists.  Louisiana lacks the sophisticated publishing industry you find in New York or California, and the leading magazine, book and gallery decision makers are based in those locations.  If a Louisiana photographer seeks publishing opportunities, networking and sharing their work with the gatekeepers is a costly, distal and seemingly complicated process.  

I am always frustrated and overwhelmed with the arduous tasks of  “getting your work out there.” I ask myself, “how much time I have spent on printing portfolios, building websites, drafting mass emails, designing postcards, collating mailing lists, flying and planning portfolio dropoffs, tagging decision makers in social posts?” You can connect with more photographic thinkers in a single day during The PhotoNola Review than you can hope will read your emails in a month.  You leave the review with real life conversations, feedback and experiences. The review process is an intensive, simplified and powerful means of sharing your photographs with people who know photography.  

The PhotoNola review gave me the opportunity to meet face to face with industry leaders. By industry leaders, I’m referring to people who work daily, care passionately and are actively seeking photographers to work with.  Sharing my photographs and ideas with these thoughtful people offered me publishing opportunities. More importantly, however, the reviews provided confidence-building feedback about my process and critical insights for creative and financial growth.